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Our Beliefs

We as a Church believe ...

In the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Jesus became a human being, died for our sins, was raised the third day, ascended to the heavens, there to make intercessions for us always.

The gospel is good news; that through Jesus, God’s kingdom is now.

In baptism by immersion symbolizing personal willingness to follow Jesus with our entire lives.

Discipleship is a life of learning from Jesus how transforming grace leads to abundant life.

Church is a group of disciples committed to following Jesus together, serving as the body of Christ, living out what it means to be a part of the Kingdom of God

Spiritual gifts equip the people of God and build up the body of Christ

The Holy Scriptures are the inspired word of God and are central to the transformation of the individual believer and the growth of the Church in its outreach, nurture, and leadership development.

The seventh-day Sabbath is a Holy day for communing with our God, remembering and celebrating His work of creation and redemption.

In the literal, personal, and soon coming of Christ

Humanity by nature is mortal and eternal life is a gift of God through Christ

In the glorious resurrection of the dead at the second coming of Christ where everything will be made new and sin will be no more.

In Christians embracing spiritual disciplines such as prayer, study, simplicity, solitude, service, healthful living, confession, meditation, worship, guidance, gratitude, community, and celebration.