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Welcome to the Chico Oaks Pathfinders!!

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The 2017 - 2018 Pathfinder season is getting ready to start. We are looking forward to another great year of camping, honors and fun. This year we are enlarging our group by offering a Pathfinder/Adventurer Club. This will include children from grade K - 12.

Important information
Pathfinders meet 2nd sabbath of the month; starting September 16, 2017
Pathfinders annual fee is $145 (this covers Class A Uniform; casual T-shirt ; four-day Camporee–food, lodging and activities, patches and awards, spring camping trip, and various day outings).
Scholarships are available on an as needed basis

Below is the Pathfinder calendar for the year. Please check back often to get the latest information.
If you are interested in having the calendar on your phone; please click Here

Useful Resources
For ordering Pathfinder Supplies/Uniforms: Advent Source
For patch placement and other general Pathfinder information: Pathfinders Online
For volunteer eligibility: Shield the Vulnerable
Official placement of Pathfinder insignia, apparel and accessories: NAD Pathfinder Uniform