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Sabbath Schedule

We are created to worship God with all that we are. We celebrate with gratitude who God is, what He has done, and what He is doing in our lives and our world. Worship is our response to God as Creator and Savior. We gather each Saturday as a special time of connection with God and each other.

Starting July 4th, 2015 we will be having Sanctuary Worship prior to Sabbath School.

9:30 AM Sabbath Morning Prayer Time
10:00 AM Worhsip in Sanctuary
11:15 AM Study & lessons

Adult Classes
Class Location
Quarterly Sanctuary
Luke Fellowship Hall
Adult 2 Boardroom

Children's / Youth Ministries
Class Age/Grade Location
Beginners 0-3 Yrs Children’s Ministry wing, room 1
Kindergarten 4-6 Yrs Children’s Ministry wing, room 2
Primary Grades 1-4 Children’s Ministry wing, room 3
Juniors Grades 5-6 Pastor Dan's Office
Jr. High Grades 7-8 Classroom 5 in the gym
Youth High School Classroom 6 in the gym